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How was you and the teams trip over to Taipei ?
The Deaflympics will be something that I will never forget, myself and the team really enjoyed the experience over there, as you should be aware that it was well organised to promote the Deaflympics. It was of course run by hearing people, with deaf volunteers and of course hearing too, but I thought it went really well for those countries that went over there, and the set up was like wow!. I have been told it was the best ever for the open ceremony and closing too. The girls football team did me proud, we came 4th, however I must remind people that this GBDWF is a young team that bonded well, and of course they are the future team too. Even the USA woman Football said we were the hardest team!

What was it like there on you arrival ?
On the arrival it was like a massive welcome when we landed and many photo's were taking as if we were famous, everyone kind of felt strange as we did not expect that. Travelling over there was tiring of course, but at the end it made me think I would travel the world twice to get to the Deaflympic. It was my first and not my last!

How were the people there....signing ok with different nationalities ?
People over there were from all over the country, and their sign was not the same as ours, the language was good for me to see what other signs there were, but we managed to communicate, as you would not get that in the hearing world!

What was atmosphere like ?
What was it like?...well as I say it was great and if you take a look at the Deaflympics website (www.deaflympics.com), and there are also many clips of Deaflympic on YouTube.com and SignTube.com It will be a sporting event that I will never forget, I just wish we got a lot of funding by the government to develop deaf sports in UK.

Was the Deaflympics well organised ?
Yes it was well organised by Taiwan, and of course it was run by hearing people with some advice from the Deaf Community over there, biggest disappointment was that all the hearing volunteers could not sign! 10,000 of them!

Did any other countries have problem with funding to get there ?
Most of the countries did not get funding, the impression I got was the poor countries got funding and even some of them got paid for winning medals! For example, Russia winning Gold they would be paid something like 100,000 euro! It saddens me that our government did`nt even fund us to get over there! Shame really.